Free Resources for Incident Response Professionals

To help make your tough job a bit easier.

External Resources

This is a list of external resources for your reference. None of these links is affiliated with us in any way, but we respect their work and their contribution to the IT Security community. You will find a mixture of offensive and defensive resources on this page, since to do either well-requires knowledge of both.

Learning Resources

Need to brush up on Linux? Try 

Want help understanding a Linux command?

Interested to explore coding? Check out 

Want to review the basics of different types of attacks? Here’s some lessons for you 

How would you like to learn more about Metasploit and help out a great charity? Go here to find out 

Need some more information on Windows Event Logs

How about some free PowerShell video training direct from Microsoft? 

Looking for great video training in digital forensics?  Check out 

Capture the Flag and Other Challenges


Want to learn more about web application pentesting? Check out and also explore the free options at

Need some good wordlists for password cracking? Try: 


And here’s some other sites with great information for continuing your journey into penetration testing and incident response: